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FCS 1521 - UK Airspace Report
This form may be used to contact the CAA about the use of UK airspace and/or the noise impacts of the various types of aircraft operations that take place within it. It should also be used for any enquiries relating to the CAA's Airspace Change Process.
Please do not use this form if:
• you wish to complain about the CAA. Please go to
• you wish to report a possible breach of air navigation legislation. Please go to
• you wish to report any information relating to military aircrafts’ use of UK airspace. This should be sent to the Ministry of Defence
Please enter your details and the information you would like to report then submit by clicking the button at the end of this form.

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1. Data Notice
It is important to the CAA that the information you have provided to us is brought to the attention of the organisation best placed to consider it and take it into account. In some cases, that organisation will not be the CAA (for example, sometimes this will be the Department for Transport, an airport or an air traffic control provider). In such cases, the CAA may forward a copy of anything you have sent us to that third party.
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