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DAP 1916 - Statement of Need: Intended Change to Notified Airspace
This form may be used to provide information to the CAA about an intended change. Once this form is completed then please submit it by clicking the button at the end of this form.

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4. Summary of Intended Change
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5. Statement of Need
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6. Proposed Dates
Please provide your proposed date for the submission of your change proposal to the CAA. This should be the date on which you are expecting to submit your formal airspace change proposal to the CAA. Please note that your formal airspace change proposal must be submitted alongside all of the supporting documentation required by the CAA to complete our regulatory assessment of the Proposal; consequently the date on which you place in this field should represent the point at which you will have the formal airspace change proposal and all of the supporting documentation ready to submit to the CAA. This date is required to assist us with the allocation of the required CAA-resource to your proposal and therefore it is a key date in our planning process. Whilst we will try to accommodate your specified timescales, there may be occassions where it is not possible for us to do so given the large number of projects that are already 'in process' You should also note that any changes to the above date may impact our ability to process your airspace change proposal within your preferred timescales. It should also be noted that from September 2018 any amendments submitted by a Data Originator or ANSP for onward promulgation in the UK IAIP will be subject to the Aeronautical Data Quality Requirements. See Commission Regulation (EU) No 73/2010(updated by 1029/2014) and CAP 1054: Aeronautical Information Management guidance material for further information. These requirements will be discussed in greater detail during the course of your initial meeting with the CAA.
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