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UAS access to airspace
This form may be used to notify the CAA of instances where requests for UAS access to airspace have been denied by the controlling authority.
Users are reminded that the Air Navigation Order 2016, as amended, gives provision for Aerodrome Operators and Air Traffic Service Units to grant or deny access to Flight Restriction Zones on the grounds of aviation safety, security interests or any other reasonable interest. CAP1788 has been published and issued to all protected aerodromes to provide guidance on the approval of UAS flights within an FRZ. This form may be used to report instances where a UAS pilot or operator believes that access has not been granted in line with the guidance set out in CAP1788 and with consideration of the interests described above.
The CAA will monitor submissions of this form, but does not undertake to investigate each report. You may not receive further correspondence following submission of this form, however the CAA will monitor trends of reports and act where appropriate and necessary.
Please do not use this form if:
you wish to complain about the CAA. Please go to wish to report a possible breach of air navigation legislation. Please go to wish to report any information relating to military aircrafts’ use of UK airspace. This should be sent to the Ministry of Defence
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